Monday, February 08, 2010

Who Are You? - A Delicious Barolo

The second day of a great experiment and I can't wait to get home.  It seems that I can hardly focus, every few minutes my thoughts drift back to the beauty that awaits me at home.  The minutes of the work day seem to drag on, I know this because I'm constantly checking the clock, but I must wait. I made a promise to myself.  I'd get a whole day of work in before I gave in to temptation.  A promise is a promise after all, and an unkempt promise to oneself is the worst unfulfilled promise.  So I wait, counting the seconds before I can partake in the last glass of my great experiment.  

Yesterday morning, working from home, I decided to spice up the day with a glass of wine for brunch.  Maybe it was the start of the month, maybe it was the stress of the day or just maybe it was because that bottle had been starring at me for far too long.  Whatever the reason, I found myself acting on an impulse.  The bottle of Clerico Percristina Barolo 2001 was going to be enjoyed.  A friend had warned drink before 2012 would be like opening a present before Christmas.  No matter, the pedigree of this wine was to great and my desire for her to grand, Christmas was coming early this year.

Still, I made a deal with myself.  A beauty like this is not meant to be devoured.  Noble juice such as this is best contemplated.  Therefore, I would open the bottle now but only drink one glass.  Later, a post lunch glass could be enjoyed, another for dinner, then at lunch again the next day and finally after a full day of work, the last glass would be consumed on my deck accompanied by the setting sun.

At first taste the wine does not disappoint.  A robust Italian red, this Barolo is full of minerality.  I wanted to chew on the wine as it was my brunch.  Later, post lunch, the wine soften some and the complexity of balance began to show through.  At dinner, paired with food the floral notes really began to show through.  In fact, I think it was the breathing wine that called me to dinner.  After a full day her bouquet had filled the room and I was craving another glass.  

Today for lunch I expereinced Clerico Percristina as a sweet and powerful yet luxurious Barolo.  Loaded with ripe dark fruit, spices and chocolate that flow onto the palate with stunning length, delineation and balance.  I was hooked, I did care what the price was, if I could find it I was determined to enjoy another bottle.  In the meantime I was happy to know one glass still remained.  So that is were I sit, waiting for the fulfillment of a promise and the enjoyment of a superior wine. I know where to get more.

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