Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Not Bitter, I'm Just Right

My glass of wine tastes bitter tonight.  I should be drinking a beer, or better yet a scotch.  Instead, I allow my attitude to ruin an otherwise elegant wine.  It's the last night of another nba season and I'm supposed to care.  Titans in history, giants in rivalry, legends in legacy are battling for this years title.  I only know this because people kept asking where I'd be watching game seven.

Prior to today, I didn't even know who was playing.  Nor did I realize after tonight, a champion would be crowned, meaning another season would come to an end.  My seaming lack of knowledge is not a result of a hatred of basketball, on the contrary I love the game.  (I also learned today that one of my favorite former college players is playing tonight.)  My lack of knowledge of tonight's events stems from the fact that I HATE the nba.

The once glorious league has devolved into a perfect example of everything that is wrong with our society.  Lies from the wealthy elite, corporations allowed to change the rules and worst of all the people have no voice.

Bring back my SUPERSONICS.

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