Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Reason to Enjoy - #7 Schild Shiraz

Since the advent of the TSA we've been conditioned to leave behind liquid containers of over two ounces when traveling to the airport.  However, recent "security innovations" should have you rethinking that belief.  I have found that a 750ml bottle is the only way to deal with the ridiculous headaches and long lines that are the new reality of airplane travel.  With the busiest travel day of the year fast approaching, you'd be wise to bring a few bottles so friends and line-mates might also enjoy this festive time of year.

Being that it is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season, not only do I bring a bottle of wine to drink while I wait in line, I also make sure to dress in my finest holiday attire.  My choice: the national formal-wear of the Philippines.  Not only does festive clothing enhance the revelry of the already chaotic atmosphere, it also serves a more practical purpose.  The transparent nature of the burong  makes the need of x-ray scanning obsolete.  No longer hassled by silly security as to what I might be hiding, I am free to share what I am enjoying.

Currently my enjoyment is focused on the #7 of Wine Spectators top wines of 2010. Schild Barossa Shiraz 2008 is a true expression of generous Australian Shiraz.  This wine exudes great presence, lingering flavors and all the hallmarks of premium juice form Barossa.  Once available at an affordable price this wine was a steal that I am now happy to share with anyone you needs a little reminder of the good things in life.

Rather then give in to the frustrations of the season, take a moment to rethink the wonderment of the world at hand.  Rather than worrying about how to change the fate of the world, share the beauty of what is available now.  If it feels like a hassle then you just aren't taking the time to make it fun.  


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