Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Grab Sum Booze, Let's Fire a Gun

Today the US Army announced a new infantry weapon with all the fanfare that only a great cliche line can capture, this weapon is "a game-changer".  However, I'm not sure what game the army plans to play with this weapon.  Briefly scanning the description of this weapon it becomes clear that the lethality of the new XM25 is not designed for any game my friends and I play.  In fact, when the XM25 is involved most enemies wouldn't want to play that game either.  This weapon system was not built for games, it was built to destroy.

The army proudly touts the guns ability to kill over, around and through any cover a target might hide behind.  When "smart" explosive rounds are unleashed, this is no game.  The gun was built to kill.  They military goes on to claim that this type of pinpoint technology will dramatically slash civilian death and damage on the battlefield.  One can only assume therefore that the more we fire this weapon in combat the more the "smart" explosions will find the "enemy".  In turn, we just might be amazed by the amount of "bad guys" that really exist.

The image of the weapon alone has me drooling to hold it in my hand.  Second amendment rights I say, this futuristic gun is exactly what the forefather had in mind.  Picture me, John Hancock, GW and Aaron Burr enjoying some fine french wine while shoot'n stuff up with our fancy XM25.  Now that is a history lesson any kid could get into.  

Forget the Red Rider BB Gun this Christmas Santa, I've got something better in mind.

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