Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time For a Leader - I'll Take A Half Case

As of late my muse has been more of nature, less of alcohol.  wine will always be a muse, but it was an escape to nature that has kept me inspired during these ridiculous times.  as much as i had hoped the old me was dead and gone, it appears I still have plenty of rant left in me.  however, this latest mocker of our democracy has me back to the bottle.  likely it will take a case, if not just a liter, to calm my nerves  because the lack of leadership surround our nations debt crisis has me worried.  if people don't pull their heads out of their ass, everyone is going be looking for refuge on my farm.

to explain the crisis more than just a farce is a waste of keystrokes for me and an insult to you the intelligent reader.  for those few readers that lack the understanding to realize the president should simply act to avert this crisis, even if it becomes a constitutional argument. (which he can under the powers granted in the 14th amendment) then you have likely already wasted 20 minutes of your life sounding out my words to this point.  the point is, a joke crisis has now escalated to a global matter in which the united states has become the joke.  we elected barack obama to prove our democracy still works and this form of democracy is still the beacon of hope for the rest of the world.  instead, president obama sits in office afraid to lead.

ever since mr. obama was dubbed our first black president the running joke has been, "I thought his dick would be bigger." but what really is in question is the size of his balls.  to quote a friend of mine, "if I had the power, his [president obama] blackness would be revoked."

step up and lead on this one, mr. hope, mr. change I can believe in.  take the power of the 14th amendment now, before the deadline.  if it goes to court let's take it there.  let the supreme court rule on it.  let the haters have to relive the very reason the 14th amendment was put in the constitution.  let us remember all the broken promises of this nation, the debt we've placed on society.  if mr. black president, they want to take you to court, let us bring out the documents of 40 acres and a mule.  let us explore all the debt this nation owes, and not just to people of color, but to the poor, the hunger, the homeless, the out of work.  to the soldiers, the veterans, the retired and children.  the truth is, this nation owes the debt to the people. in that we are owed this moment to be in front of the supreme court, if it must.  at this point it is the only way to stop the madness.  as a nation, we must have the opportunity to still believe in our democracy for if we loose that we loose the United States.

if you are not the man to lead now President Obama, then please step aside.  I fear for the fate of this great nation, no more time to waste, time for a leader.

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