Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turn Turn Trun - To Everything There is a Season

the seasons have changed and it is time to move forward. as winter can be it was a cold time. dark and lonely, I wondered what life was all about. is this all that life has become for me, a struggle to survive, little hope, little light, little in this existance to make you feel warm. ...at least that was my perspective of winter going in the season.

the worst christmas ever I told myself. nagging injuries prevented me from riding as much as I'd like had me questioning myself. moments of humility were I knew I was broke shook my faith. mind-body-soul were all tested as the winter washed over me. But it was the lose of some good friends that hurt me the most. From that perspective we could wallow together in my misery and I wouldn't blame you. it was rough at times...

In honesty though, as the snow melts, giving way to flowers I know I shredded this winter. if the rest of the holidays are half as fun as my worst christmas then I'm living a charmed life. similarly, one is never broke when you have friends like mine, instead you learn to understand what is important to have in life. And though, I might complain about the few days I missed on snow this season, such talk is only the desire of my ego wanting to be heard.  in truth no one rides enough, we all just need to ride as much as can.

friends though, like the seasons they come and go.  it hurts when our time together is through. learning to embrace the impermanence of things however is part of living. So when our time together passes, like any human I will reminisce, choosing to speak well of the good times, laughing about the rough times and forgetting the bad in favor of remember all that was good.

Accepting the passing of the season, I sip from the bottle and think. It was a hell of a winter. I pour a little wine out on the sun warmed concrete, speaking to all my friends not present, "until we meet again, cheers to the coming season."

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