Saturday, August 25, 2012

Where is She, my Fine Glass of Wine

it's been awhile since I enjoyed a wine of unique substance.  bottles with pretty labels I've had plenty.  it feels like popular wines are all I drink these days, something to impress the guests.  I've splurged and indulged in a few fancy bottles.  worth every penny of course but generally not a wine one would want to imbibe day after day after day.  instead I'm left feeling my life has become a journey of basic juice.  from one bottle to the next, I enjoy what I can but can't find that beauty I'm really looking for.  where is she, the wine I seek.

a mountain of glass in the recycling bin reminds me that my search has not been a lack of trying.  just not lucky enough to find what I'm looking for I guess.  I pick up bottles on a daily basis, something about them catches my eye and I want to make that bottle mine, so I do.  some I consume right away, others I wait, hoping that with time the right moment will capture the beauty of wine hidden inside.  instead I find my life has become a series of blessed moments, fun for sure, but nothing of substance.

Please don't misunderstand this rant, my life needn't be defined by a bottle.  Nor is a glass of wine going to make everything suddenly better.  with our without this intoxicating juice I get by just fine. 

still indulgements in life are the spice that makes for living.  I love how wine enhances the a meal. catching the scent of a freshly poured glass can move me to smile.  I can loose myself watch sunlight dance with wine in a glass.  And then the taste, a complex full of character wine will bring all my senses alive.  wordless, a great sip takes me inward as I enjoy the magic.  wine is a special union of human and nature expressed through a drink.  divine is life with wine so I continue to seek another glass.

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