Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love the Love - Let's Get Bubbly

standing in the wine isle i start to think.  i grab three wine bottles then finish my shopping, i'm now in action there's no time to think anymore.  she's been all in my head.  why deny it, she knows.  I know.  she's right and it's not to much to ask.  one day to feel special, one day above them all, one day to rule them, all done with love.

I'm not big fan of valentine's day.  maybe it's been the pressure, since i was a just a child we are driven to have a mate.  maybe it's been a fear of feeling heart broken, maybe it's because i hate to be forced, maybe it's I preferred to remind my partner that everyday you're special.  whatever it is, I used my dislike of v-day to not share the love.

Love is to be shared. love is to be felt.  who am I do deny love when that is all she is asking for.  she is asking for a day to be loved so why not fulfill that request and make her feel special. not with gifts, things or false mementos, nothing at all is needed more than what it takes to reminder her she is special.  getting my mind in the right space i'm ready to reconnect with the romance of the day.  bottle in hand, tomorrow we'll pop the cork and feel bubbly about the day. 

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