Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's Your Buzz, Text Me

hard lives we tend to leave.  each of us has places to be so how is it that we ever meet. it is brief moments that bring us together.  just shoot me a text.

i'm drinking red wine fierce tonight, with reckless abandon we polish off another bottle.  she is not with me so i let her know, i'm thinking of you, i wish you were here, i need less wine in my glass (although if i must drink the house red aint bad).  "drunk last night, drunk the night before, feeling drunk again what is the way to your door?"

three smiley faces is the reply text.  upon receiving it I smile.

connected in thought now, i'm excited.  reality, i'm drunk and don't know the way to here door.  the wine is slowing my thought.  i look for a good place to settle down, slumber.  I think of her text to me smile smile.  drifting off to sleep it's true, my life isn't hard.  to see you just have to find me in the moment

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