Friday, October 05, 2007

True - Opus One & USC good not great

I've made some crazy bets in my life but this one,... well I think I've out done myself. A couple beers into happy hour I found myself stuck talking to an arrogant USC fan. (Perhaps I should have stay more refined with a glass of wine.) Tired of hearing how great USC has been over the years, my beer soaked brain couldn't stop my mouth as I prophesied a Saturday loss befalling the blessed Trojans.

It wasn't all crazy talk, knowing that two fifths of the starting O-line was injured the week prior and knowing how lackadaisical the team's attitude seems to be regarding pac-10 play, I think I have a shot. But seriously, I was overcome by a voice not mine. (Maybe it is a prophetic sign). Mostly it was just a way to get the Tommy Trojan wannabee to put up or shut up. Which he did. On the line for me twenty bucks. (I think he wanted to feel generous) On the line for him slightly more. Forgoing the points, wanting to make him pay and more over wanting something to enjoy the upset, I felt my payout deserves to be a bottle of Opus One.

Constantly marketed as one of Napa's top Bordeaux-style wines, Opus One brings together the great wine-making tradition and innovations of the Robert Mondavi and Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild families. Thanks to the hype Opus One remain a hard to find wine.

I'll will be interesting to sample this wine. I'm guessing it will be good, velvety, expressive but much like the #1 team I'm betting against, overrated. Before I get the chance to judge for myself I'll need a little help from the boys in California wine country. I can't wait for the wine know as Opus One to kiss my lips,...fingers crossed

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