Wednesday, October 10, 2007

South Africa - I Like What I See

Fresh off my prediction last week, fans have been asking me what to expect this weekend. Firstly, I'm no Jimmy the Greek. (Maybe a little Oracle of Delphi.) Visions just come to me, usually with a touch of help from quality wine. Mostly though, I just pay attention and call 'em like I see 'em. That said, I'm happy to report what I see. (Inspired by the pages of Esquire.) Great things are coming out of South Africa. A land full of physical beauty, exotic wonderment and very tasty wine. To experience my vision just try a bottle of Kumkani Pinotage 2004.

I've shared the wisdom of South Africa's Pinotage before, and I don't want readers to think it is the only varietal they grow. In fact, I'm here to argue that South African wines and wine producers will soon be making much more noise in these parts of the world. (Start planning your 2010 tour of Stellenbosch now.) Still, for those that have not yet experienced the beauty of South Africa I suggest starting with Kumkani Pinotage 2004.

Upon pouring the first glass, aromas of summer berries and exotic spice greet the nose. On the pallet the wine shows focused ripe berry, creamy spice and vanilla flavors. Make sure to enjoy the long silky finish before biting into a nice piece of steak, pizza or wild game.

Less than a prediction and more a statement of fact, I see many things of beauty coming from South Africa, one of which is Kumkani Pinotage 2004.

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