Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mad About Wine - Buy It

The housing market is in turmoil, the stock market is volatile and commodity market is sinking. And yet it seems the dollar, at least for now is holding strength. But it makes one wonder were one earth is it safe to invest. Is this the end... or the perfect time for a new beginning? I suggest people invest in jobs, that is the future of America.

For the wine lover here is a bold, full-flavored idea to drink-in:
"Online wine store has 8000 customers, 2000 wines online and can ship to 30 states. Online sales annually around $500,000 and growing. Everything is already in place to succeed."

Instead of always seeking wine on the web, why not start selling it? A heady idea for some, but these are heady time, and if all goes well in November, investing in change now will be something you can believe in.

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