Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheers to Joe - Your Night, Your Wine.

As the final debate of this Presidential season wore on I quickly realized these candidates were not talking to me they were talking to who they thought I am, Joe. A basic, easy to characterize, average American, a basic Joe. Well guess what fellas, and miss Hockey mom USA, we are tired of you talking down to us as basic Joe's.

We are not numb skulled Joe six-packs with little brains and even less depth. We are not just GI Joes that you can continue to sacrifice on the alter of "nation pride" without having to know who I am. We are not just Joes that own a road side dinner hoping you pull over for a cup of Joe and a slice of pie. And we are not just Joe who needs help with his small business, but it plumbing or something else.

We are Americans, so stop calling us Joe. The problems we face as a nation are not small, nor are they simple, so do not dumb down your answers so that any old "Joe" can understand them.

Any Joe would agree, given the state of the world, tonight's debate was the biggest waste of time. If you don't know by now where these candidates stand you are a simple Joe. But for all of us that do, it is time to end the talk and time for someone to start leading again because currently we are being "lead" by a guy dumber than Joe.

W is a jackass and compared to him any Joe will do.

BTY - I thought "my friends" would be the drinking game key word, who know it would be Joe.

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