Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Bottle of Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2002 Waiting on the Shelf

I have a bottle of Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2002 just waiting on the shelf. I can hardly wait to hear that cork pop and the release of the wine's powerful nose. Aromas of grapefruit, dried flowers, white peaches and hints of toast fill my head as I envision the palate, crisp and lively. As my imagination drinks in the wine I'm reminded of peaches and fresh lemon peel. The beauty of this wine will only be matched by the happiness of the moment for which I have been holding on to this bottle. The moment that "W" is out of office will be the moment to celebrate.

In the eight long years that he has been occupying the White House our country has experienced a glaring lack of leadership. On his watch our nation was attacked, cities were destroyed, infrastructure has crumbled, debt has ballooned and the economy is in crisis. And the only constant throughout has been George W Bush is slow to react.

As the Market looses again, this time over 600 points, the President continues to remain silent. Fear is gripping the nation, NIE's regarding the wars are even scarier and all we are left with only faith that an election will change things. Unfortunately that new President can't start until next year which means our nation has nearly three months to survive without leadership. God help us.

Still, this is the United States of America and I still believe in "We the People..." Together we can make our country great again, but first we need to throw out the Corporatist regime that has torn down this nation for a quick buck. Once they go I'm ready to pop my bottle of Deutz Blanc de Blanc 2002 to celebrate.

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