Friday, September 03, 2010

Step Your Game Up

 Yes we can, just hasn't been getting it done, most of the problem being people would just rather not.  Personally it has been driving me crazy.  With unemployment inexcusably high in this country, environmental issues on the rise and corporate malfeasance seemingly out of control, I turn more and more away from society, choosing instead to go deeper down the trail of a solitary existence.  Good wine, long walks and video games would be the the contents of my data sheet should I have a centerfold layout.  Some people might think of me (and the many other like me) as a burnout, wasting time in rather than making a difference.  But maybe we are just a reflection of the times, laking a uniting voice to rally our generation to make a difference.  It seems crappy jobs and bad ties are all we have to look forward too.

...But suddenly a leader has emerged, and now I am compelled to make a difference.  Tell it like it is Marcus.  It's time we all stepped our game up.  Crack me another bottle of Malbec cause I'm all in to make a difference.  Let me just complete one more level on this game.

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