Friday, December 14, 2012

Are We - Love Drink Wine

instantly we are connected but are we.  i sat with family tonight, days like today make you want to do that.  one more hug.  it was there in the presidents face, speaking to the nation he was thinking of his own daughters and wondering what is this world coming to.  how has it become this disconnected that a day like today can happen.  a "news person's" words made me think, you wouldn't expect it to happen in this type of community.

isn't america the wealthiest nation on the planet, i'm in the mountains and I discussed wine with my brother who lives in the bay what wine to drink tonight. after a shitty day like today you want something beautiful to drink.  he and his wife shared a fine bottle, a great value pick-up. a wine we once found at a gas station on the way to a husky tailgate so it hold extra meaning to us.  but the ridiculousness of a wine debate only feeds the image of this nations wealth.

if I was drinking it would be a bottle of la spinetta vigneto starderi barbaresco 2004, the last in my collection but who cares share the love.  I opened the big rhino, leaving it on the counter.  it is like a cut flower now, over time it will open and enough friends will pass that it will be appreciated. a beautiful wine like this is to be enjoyed, it must be allowed to breath for it to reach it's full potential.  wine, again we are a nation of wealth we can connect millions of miles away or with a neighbor next door.  we can sit down with family via video screen, just chat.  when i describe a wine and you drink it in, we are connected instantly aren't we.

connection is that easy isn't it.  we talk wine across the country, allow ourselves a moment to take a drink. inhale, we pause. those that chose not to take of the sacrament are no different then we.  connected enough if we all pause long enough for the moment to drink.  in that time think not of self, think not of fear, think not of other we all belong here. just enjoy, push your love out. can't you feel their is plenty of room.  no, is it too much not enough something just doesn't feel right, let's talk.  i'm willing to take the time to connect instantly, are we.

share a hug - i'm pausing to drink

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