Thursday, December 06, 2012

What Do You Want - I Want To Heal

what more do they want from me, you've taken it all.  beat to the ground i pick myself backup again.  i've felt this mistake, i've know it when it was my fault and i've seen when it was just the percentages catching back up, you know its gonna happen so busted i pick myself back up ...once again

damn it hurts, i'm getting tired.  i getting old they like to remind me.  not the lovers just the haters.  lovers remind me age is just a number its what we feel inside that matters.  smile, let's breath that pain away together.  practicality reminds you numbers & percent and basic math all exist as does time.  broken again you know their still remains time.

some say the end is near, just the haters you think but to them I say true.  as near is the end as is the closeness of a new beginning.  broken now, I still remember the feeling of health.  good feeling taken from me, I did not forget what it was to have just because I now know the terror of not having.  I still side with the lovers, even when wrong it believe we can all eventually get it right.  I get back up

what more do you want from me though.  because I love life I continue to do what I do.  look for yourself, I can only show you my way. understand, if you continue to take from me you can only obtain so much.  I am broken but continue to heal

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