Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just Numbers, Just Life, Be Present - Drink Wine

one two, one two, one two, we march toward the end.  they say it happens (the end) this coming two one, shortest day of the year. switch up the beat and people are thrown off I guess.

but is the different beat really the end of all things or is it just the start of something new.  half full, half empty is the on going debate when people see the glass.  I like to think it's just half enjoyed which means we are nowhere near the end.  we are just currently in the process of loving life.  neither there or there but here, in the present, a tough place for most people to be.  admittedly i don't like to be here alone, the present seems so much more fulfilling when we have someone to share it with. it's a gift to share, the present.

here, i'll give it to you to enjoy. my present has a little more wine to consume. 12 12 12 the numbers are here, be present to it and enjoy.  add it together three, three, three or call it 9, series of twelve is how some see it. whatever it is to you let it be that but be it, live it, find your joy.  take another sip and drop the glass past just half cause it's here for you, my present (or is it yours).  breath it in, taste the lingering finish, let it warm you from the inside out, get drunk off it if you'd like, it's just life.  it is to be lived not thought of as numbers.  one two one two one two, call it a day of 3 twelves.  I see cases of wine but what matters is the beat goes on. 12-12-12...

one more sip i'll refill your glass we have time and a little more wine, this is life so drink it in

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